My first days

Hey there! I've been in Pacific Grove for a bit longer than 1 week and I am pretty well. We went to Los Angeles on my first weekend, and I saw lots of new stuff. I didn't see LA or the Hollywood hills, but we were driving through southern California (which is in a drought) and it was 41 degrees celsius. I met lots of nice people and I'm getting used to school. I do "cross country" (link on the left side) and it's really hard, though I recognize that I'm getting in shape. I'll have my first race on thursday. The reason why I'm writing in English is, that I'm starting to think in English and a blog-entry in German would totally interrupt my learning progress. I don't know when the next entry will be online, but I think a week or two should be enough. The link "Pictures" should show you some pictures I took. I hope it does work.

22.9.14 21:22


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