My first days

Hey there! I've been in Pacific Grove for a bit longer than 1 week and I am pretty well. We went to Los Angeles on my first weekend, and I saw lots of new stuff. I didn't see LA or the Hollywood hills, but we were driving through southern California (which is in a drought) and it was 41 degrees celsius. I met lots of nice people and I'm getting used to school. I do "cross country" (link on the left side) and it's really hard, though I recognize that I'm getting in shape. I'll have my first race on thursday. The reason why I'm writing in English is, that I'm starting to think in English and a blog-entry in German would totally interrupt my learning progress. I don't know when the next entry will be online, but I think a week or two should be enough. The link "Pictures" should show you some pictures I took. I hope it does work.

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Nur noch wenige Tage

Bald ist es soweit! Meine 10 Monate lange Reise nach Amerika beginnt am 09.09.2014. Für mich geht es nach Kalifornien, besser gesagt nach Pacific Grove, einer Halbinsel an der Westküste ( <- Unter "Links" auf "Pacific Grove" klicken). Die Location ist der Hammer und die Familie scheint auch echt nett zu sein. Jetzt werden noch die letzten Einkäufe getätigt und dann ist alles startklar!



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